• Bridal Collection - SUMMER 2021


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We are where modern meets timeless elegance.

Imagine as child, sitting there watching your mother get dressed and remembering how beautiful she was and thinking, “when i grow up, I want to be just like my mother” or “wow, I hope my mother gives me that dress”. That is exactly the feeling we want to give everyone as we curate, design and pick out pieces for CTP. We want you to walk into a room and light it up. We want you to have this piece for a long time and remember just where and when you wore that item. High fashion to us means something of high quality, not just material wise but memory wise as well. Nostalgia is something of great value in our memory bank and we hope that when you wear our pieces it will be making a deposit into that bank. We don’t ever want to go out of style. Allow us to bring you a modern approach to timeless elegance.