Isn't life crazy right now? Who knew we would ever live in and through a pandemic?! Covid-19 has definetly changed our lives and shown us things are possible while being quarantined, but it has also shown us patience as well. So let us be transparent for a minute since we are all going through this together and our story is one of billions. 

In our case, our Head of Style, Nitda moved to Thailand in February to connect the bridge we had at Conform The People to bring our customers a more tailored and selected high fashion. But what she got a few weeks after her move was a country locked down as a precaution of covid-19. Thailand is not as advanced as the United States in the sense of technology, so it's been difficult to work with vendors. When they are locked-down - it is serious. Fines are in placed, you obey your government there. So Nitda is just enjoying your quarantine at her beautiful high-rise condo in the middle of Bangkok, while being proactive of what's to come to CTP once the stay is slowly lifted. 

We are asking that our customers be patient with us as we go through these uncertain times. On pen, we know where we are headed very clearly. But in reality there will be obstacles and uncertainties as we try to get there in these crazy times and the slow crash of the economy worldwide. But now, more than ever is the time we come together and support small businesses, friends, family, etc. This disease can cripple the economy, but it can't cripple our hearts and support we have for one another. And in the last month or so, we've seen the hearts that the world has for one another. Let's keep it going. Remember it starts with you. 

What can you do to help us?
To continue to support us:
  • Please keep showing items you've bought from CTP (post pics and tag us)
  • Share and like our post on social media
  • Give us reviews on our website on items you have bought
  • Go online and place an order for our HUGE sale we are currently having
  • Tell your friends and family about us in a positive way =)

We know that we will ALL come out of this stronger, better, wiser, healthier. Be well, stay sane, and stay home. 

All our love, 

MeMe and Nitda