Reflection of Progression

What is Conform the People?

Hi! We are the ladies behind Conform The People. MeMe and Nitda.

We met in Atlanta, GA about 10 yrs ago. Read more about us here.

Our love for fashion, style, and life are the foundation of Conform The People. We wanted to do something in life that would make us truly happy aside from having each other. We found that common ground in fashion. We operate under the name SNM Group LLC (Saturday Night Morning). 

The idea was to create an online retail website that exudes confidence to the audiences that wanted a more sophisticated modern image. The item can be versatile and align in the image of being romantic, classy yet fashionable. Tailored to fit the women who do not feel like they fit into any traditional age group yet. Our clothing is not mass produced and carefully hand-picked. We only offer a few dozen of each item. Once they are gone, they are gone. We have new arrivals often but a large drop in each collection.


We are much alike in so many ways, but yet so different. From our personalities, hobbies to our style. But just cause those things are different, it doesn’t mean we aren’t compatible. Our individuality balances each other out. The same goes for clothing. Just because one item of clothes is meant to be one way, doesn’t mean it should be. It’s as important as pairing it with the right type of jacket or accessory. We hope that is what you do with our clothing. Look to our photos as an example, but never as an obligation. There is no right way to wear our clothing, just like people, clothing is diverse too.

Be the new normal - BE YOU.

Earth-Friendly Practices

Our actions are the future and we want do our piece any way we can. We won't mass produce, reducing waste in unwanted items. We only offer a few dozen of each clothing item. In the future, we hope to reduce our plastic bag usage for the packaging of our products with more of a biodegradable source of bags that will still protect our product when it get’s to you. We will continue to seek out products to get us there, sustainability, recycled products, and less overly packaging. Together we are socially responsible for this great Earth of ours. Together we will reduce waste!


Giving Back

We strongly believe that making the world a better place starts from within. Before our inception we had a local small group call Sweet Lychees that raised money for numerous charities and volunteered our time at a retired home in Alabama. We promise to continue to do this and also volunteer our time for events we believe in. Our motto has always been “making the world a sweeter place”. We will continue this in the future in different ways we find fit, give back to charities we believe in and find a labor of love to volunteer for. 

Nitda & MeMe