Hello to our CTP babes!

What a start to a new decade it has been. We wanted to take a moment to talk about what’s coming up. As announced earlier this month, our Head of Style, Nitda will be making a move to Bangkok, Thailand in the very near future. As most of you know that is were we source the majority of our clothes and will continue doing. Nitda’s move will benefit CTP as we established ourselves as a high fashion brand and not fast fashion. 

Why are we going towards high fashion? We don't want to go with the trends. We want the pieces we sell to be in season EVERY season. It's more environmentally friendly and less disposable since it's not changing with the trends. 

We will continue to give you items that are elegant, timeless, modern, made with the highest quality possible given the price point it is given and items that are NEVER mass produced. Keeping our pieces reasonably priced is our top priority and very necessary. Having Nitda in Thailand will ensure our vendor relationships are maintained and sustained so that we can pass the savings on to the end user. Her attention to quality high fashion and her relationships with the vendors put us in a good position to continue what we do but at a greater magnitude and allow us to do so with passion. 

MeMe will continue to run the everyday business aspect of CTP so that Nitda can focus on the core of the company and style you, the way you should be styled!

New stuff coming to CTP:

⋒ Website changes and more info and pages to be added.
⋒ New styles.
⋒ Look and feel of our content will be changing.
⋒ Videos to talk about the items/more interactions with you the customer.
⋒ Brand Ambassador program rollout.
⋒ And so much more to be announced as it comes along.

We appreciate your patience and continued support while we work through a time of growth. We are taking our time and making sure we deliver what we stand for as a company and individuals. Continue to follow us on our social networks to see what we are working on and our progress. 

photo by @thearylouneoubonh



We are where modern meets timeless elegance.
Imagine as child, sitting there watching your mother get dressed and remembering how beautiful she was and thinking, “when i grow up, I want to be just like my mother” or “wow, I hope my mother gives me that dress”. That is exactly the feeling we want to give everyone as we curate, design and pick out pieces for CTP. We want you to walk into a room and light it up. We want you to have this piece for a long time and remember just where and when you wore that item. High fashion to us means something of high quality, not just material wise but memory wise as well. Nostalgia is something of great value in our memory bank and we hope that when you wear our pieces it will be making a deposit into that bank. We don’t ever want to go out of style. Allow us to bring you a modern approach to timeless elegant.